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  • Biblical Cosmology and the Precession of the Equinoxes
    Biblical Cosmology and the Precession of the Equinoxes Biblical Cosmology is focused on the Godly origin and structure of the Universe, viewing he laws of causality and Space-time in the context of the Creator as the First Cause. The traditional concept of the history of Cosmology reads as a timeline of the “discoveries” of the greatest scientists. Men […]
  • Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions and the Celestial Prelude
    One of the singular aspects of my Biblical Astronomy research has revolved around the Celestial Prelude. I was recently encouraged by Jon Nessle to take a closer look at the historical aspects of Jupiter’s retrograde motion in light of Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunctions, that I believe influenced the Magi so powerfully, as a precedent to the […]
  • The Birth of Christ on Tishri 1 with the New Moon
    The Birth of Christ on Tishri 1, with the New Moon Ps. 104:19a “He appointed the moon for seasons.” During this time of year when we see the first full Moon following the Spring Equinox, we thankfully recognize the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, following his loving perfect sacrifice for all Mankind. […]
  • The Biblical Astronomy of Pi Day 3 14 2018
    The Biblical Astronomy of Pi Day, 3-14-2018 As we recognize Pi Day on 3-14-2018, its great to give credit where it is really due; to the Almighty Creator and Heavenly Father Who as the Originator of Physics and Mathematics, was the first One to utilize the Pi ratio. As we realize how the Creator utilized this […]

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