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  • The Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Return of Jesus Christ
    The Biblical Astronomy of Birth and Return of Jesus Christ and the Dual Fulfillment of Revelation 12, [Part 1] In our study of the Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Return of Christ we have noted that Jupiter the king planet, as the Star of Bethlehem led the Magi to Jerusalem, and ultimately to the young […]
  • The Modern Blood Moon Tetrads and the Mars Spica Triple Conjunc
    The Modern Blood Moon Tetrads and the Mars-Spica Triple Conjunctions As we continue our review of the heavenly signs surrounding the replay of the Rev. 12 wonder, Part 1 of this review focused on the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Spica in Virgo. This post will feature the Mars-Spica triple unions in Virgo, that began in the Spring […]
  • The Celestial Sphinx and the Jupiter Spica Triple Conjunction o
    The Celestial Sphinx and the Jupiter-Spica Triple Conjunction of 2017. Now that the Sept. 23rd, 2017 date has passed, we can now exhale and take stock of what has been going on in the heavens during this time! Plenty!! As I have documented for over 20 years in the Celestial Prelude, it was the retrograde […]
  • The Sept 23rd 2017 Heavenly Sign of Rev 12 in Teshuvah The S
    The Sept. 23rd, 2017 Heavenly Sign of Rev. 12 in Teshuvah-The Season of Repentance As a follow-up to our June blog post on the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse we will look further into the association of this exciting Solar Eclipse with the upcoming Rev. 12 celestial sign on Sept. 23rd, 2017.  The Total Solar […]

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